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Montana Florists Association Celebrates 85 Years...

85 years ago, the first Montana Florists Association was held, here in Great Falls, MT. In 1936, my grandfather, Herman Feiden served as President, followed by my father, Ted Byers in 1962. My mother, Connie Feiden-Byers, presided when the Association was 40 years old in 1970, again in Great Falls. I helped bring MFA into the 21st century as President in 2000. As my mother wrote, “This must be what is called tradition!”

Just as founding florists 85 years ago had faith and pride in our industry, so must we continue in their footsteps striving to make our industry ever better. While our numbers are small and most of us no longer grown our own plants and cut flowers, we still share our enthusiasm for educational and networking opportunities provided at our Conventions.

Connie Byers-Smith, MFA Treasurer, owner Herman’s Flowers, Great Falls, MT 

Benefits of being a MFA member:

*Close networking with Florists in and around Montana creating good will among it's members.

*Access to MFA member info.

*Access to MFA recommended wholesalers, suppliers and vendors.

*Quarterly Newsletter. MFA will keep you updated with the happenings in the Floral Industry in and around Montana.

*Reduced rates for Convention.

*Flower Week. MFA is helping to raise awareness of the benefits of local florists.

*Volunteer Positions. Serve as a board member and vote on decisions that affect our industry.

MFA Membership:

New members-$40

Renewal Fee-$30

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Contact:                                                                                                                            Connie Byers-Smith                                                                                                                  PO Box 1456                                                                                                                        Great Falls, MT    59403                                                                                           406.452.6489 

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