Convention 2014

Crowne Plaza Inn

Billings, MT

Oct. 10th-12th, 2014


  • Tom Simmons AIFD | CFD | CCF

Three Bunch Palms Productions, LLC
Palm Springs, California


Tom Simmons AIFD, CFD, CCF has been active in the floral industry for over 34 years and has assisted Teleflora’s Industry Relations and Product Development departments with new product research. He is a past president of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) and is the Symposium Coordinator for the 2013 AIFD National Symposium, “Passion,” in Las Vegas. He also serves as a member and former director for the California State Floral Association and a member of the Greater Palm springs Wedding Association. His work has been featured in numerous publications in the United States, as well as Canada, including several covers and feature articles in Flowers& magazine, Brides magazine, People magazine and Los Angeles Magazine.

Tom delights in creating different and unique designs, always trying new ideas and innovative techniques. He has extensive and broad-based experience in the floral industry, blending strengths in platform design, instruction, teaching skills, buying and selling techniques, floral operations and management, and a wealth of marketing knowledge.

One of California’s leading floral design professionals, Tom is owner of THREE BUNCH PALMS PRODUCTIONS, an event and design company in Palm Springs, California. He is a member of Teleflora’s prestigious team of Education Specialists.

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Hands-On Designer

  • Larry Kramer
  • Bozeman, MT

Larry Kramer is a true stand out in the flower business! He comes to us with over 30 years of experience in the world of plants/flowers/and all things GREEN!                            

Larry is a native Montanan. His love of flowers came from enjoying, and working in his grandfather’s flower garden in Missoula as a little boy. He took that appreciation of beautiful flowers and taught himself all aspects of floral design. He has enjoyed working in the floral design industry for the past 25 years. He has been involved in the Montana Floral Association for 20 years. His induction as a member of AIFD 12 years ago will always be his proudest achievement in this industry.

Larry has enjoyed some real noteworthy press over his career. He was on the team that designed for the Academy Awards for 5 years. He also spent 5 years working with the team that designed for the Rose Parade. Larry is most proud of the work he did on the floral design for Bush’s 2nd inauguration.

Larry was recruited to serve on the faculty at Western Kentucky’s Bowling Green campus, where he proudly taught floral design for 2 years. His path then led to the prestigious role as the lead designer at Botanica International in Tampa. He honed his skills and developed and even bigger love of design while traveling those parts of the country.

Larry is very excited to be back in Montana. When he is not designing at his beautiful shop in Big Sky Montana you can catch him Fly Fishing, camping, snowmobiling, skiing, cooking, and simply enjoy the view of the beauty that surrounds him.

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