MFA Board Members 2016-2017

Becoming a MFA board member requires a 5 year commitment to the Montana Florists Association. MFA board members are required to oversee their duties assigned to them upon being nominated into the 1st board member position. Each position is rotated annually at the end of the annual Florist's Convention held by MFA. Each board member is also tasked with a duty to help put on the annual florist's Convention each year. 

NEW!Board member's registration fees for the annual Convention will be paid by the MFA, as passed at the 2012 annual Public Meeting.

Are you interested in becoming a Board member? Contact Kari lane Johnson 406.771.6828 or any MFA board member.

New Associate Board Member Position created

Jen Darr, 2016-2017 MFA President, proposed after the 2016 MFA Convention for the creation of an Associate Board Member position. This position is open to any qualifying Associate MFA Member. A qualifying Associate Member is any person or shop owner who has bee approved to be a MFA Associate Member. This is a 2 year position with the Board. It is Jen’s hope that this gives Associate members more of an incentive to join the MFA. 

Upon approval by the Board for the creation of this position, Jen elected Lindsey Peterson, aifd to fulfill this position. Lindsey is now the new Associate Board Member for 2016-2018. Congrats!

IMG 1729

Meet more Board Members….

Connie Byers-Smith (Herman’s Flowers) Treasurer & Ted Byers (Herman’s Flowers) Past-Treasurer.


Linda Marshall Robbins, aifd (Annie Green Thumbs) and furry friend... 1st Year Board Member


Brent from Mera Vic with Jennifer Darr, MFA President (Langohr’s Flowerland) and Kari lane Johnson, MFA Secretary.

Kari and Jen

Patrick Willams (Lion Ribbon), Industry Professional Member.


Lindsay Irwin (Bitterroot Flower Shop), 2nd Year Board Member

IMG 7174

Board Members needed for the                    2017-2018 year.

The Industry Professional position will be available at the end of the 2017 year. MFA is looking for an individual, associated with the Floral Industry (wholesaler, Rep, Grower, etc…) who can commit 2 years to the position. 

The 1st Year Board member and 2nd Year Board member will be available at the end of the 2017 year. MFA is looking for two  individuals who are the owners or shop managers of a MFA Active member shop that has been in business for more than 3 years and has been an MFA member for 3 years. You will need to commit 5 years to the position. 

The Secretary position will be available at the end of the 2017 year. MFA is looking for an individual who can dedicated their time corresponding with members, reps and others in the Floral Industry. This position also entails web design, marketing MFA and printing. This is the only paid position on the Board. If interested in this position email your resume to: mtfloristassc@gmail.comm  

Interested? Please give your name to Kari lane Johnson-MFA secretary or any MFA board member at the annual MFA Convention. Ballots will be given out and the nominee will be voted on by the participating MFA member shops attending the annual Convention.

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